·         I was born in Bilbao, it was may of 1981.

·         I started to play piano at ten years old, and the guitar at fifteen, by myself. In that time, one night, I composed my first song, I remember that sad chorus who says: “nightfall tears falling into dry wells”.

·         I studied Environmental Sciences at Leioa University; in that period I went to theatre and dance courses, That was much more interesting than to sit forever at a desk, and they showed me the importance of the “here and now”.

·         In 2003 “la baldosa flotante” (the floting tile)  was born, first as a poetic and musical night radio program in “Irola irratia”, a Bilbao free radio. Soon after I recorded an album with the same name, using some material from that radio program.

·         The next years my main activity was play the guitar at the street, at the restaurants, maybe some locals too, and in that way I lived in the caves of Granada, I travelled around Spain, Italy, Greece, and I went to Toledo. In 2006, living in Toledo, we made up a circus musical group: “alberete”;  In one evening of 2007 I recorded the second album of the floting tile: “amniotic”

In 2008, I went to Varanasi, India. There I took sitar lessons with the master Arvin Singh, and learned a bit of Indian singing.

In 2012, “Rama” album came out, many of my musician friends took part in it. I was living again in Bilbao, in that time I worked in the theatre with the group “Hortzmuga”, and also I was part of other musical groups like “Primordiales” (electro-chamanism),  “Banda sonora” (psycodelia), “Humanos intentándolo”, “Puro luego”…

In 2014, I made my fifth album: “las aristas del precipio”, a disc that is like a postal letter, a letter that I considered needed to be put into the letter box.

Now I live near Madrid, I work with the land  (when it lets me…), I compose music for theatre, and I still tour and do concerts. I join my partner, Sandra, in Turkish and western musictherapy sessions,  right now I am preparing a concert repertory for children with Rosalía Mowgli.                 

Overall, I continue to learn on this journey,

Did you read until here? You leave me without words…